Birgeneau Discovers YouTube

Birgeneau just came back from his trip to Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai.  He writes in an email sent out to the entire campus:

“It was only yesterday that I was able to look at a number of the videos that were made of the protests on November 9”.

I guess they don’t have YouTube in Asia yet.  We should really make sure Japan, China and Korea gets connected to the internet.

He also writes “I have asked Professor Jesse Choper, our former Dean of Law, and current Chair of the Police Review Board (PRB) to launch immediately a review of the police actions of last Wednesday and Thursday morning”.

And “we believe that we can best move forward by granting amnesty from action under the Student Code of Conduct to all Berkeley students who were arrested and cited solely for attempting to block the police in removing the Occupy Cal encampment on Wednesday, November 9.  We will do so immediately”.

That’s certainly better than his initial reaction.  But will it be too little too late?

Interestingly he writes “while away, I remained in intermittent contact with Provost George Breslauer … and was kept informed, as much as possible, about the Occupy Cal activities on campus”.  Hmm, are we trying to pass the blame here???

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