The lab in photos: La Dolce Vita

A deserved break

Matteo Fumagalli takes a more than deserved break with the comfort of a fluffy pillow, a warm blanket, a revitalizing cup of coffee, and a handful of organic maple leaf creme cookies. All these luxuries have their raison d’être. Our most valuable and precious resource, after our coffee machine, is in our members: our human capital. Proof of their commitment to the lab and dedication to science, these guys take research very seriously. Or at least that’s what they try to accomplish. No wonder why it is not uncommon to see them in the lab working almost 24/7. Really. Come in any Sunday evening and chances are that you will find someone in the lab running some simulations while discovering that their scripts still contain a couple of bugs. However, their brains are not tireless computers, and their adaptation to long periods of research is not without limitations. If overexploited, their fatigued brains could suffer a collapse with the consequent risk of running out of good ideas and interesting hypotheses. For that reason we proudly take care of our limited human-intellectual capital. It is fundamental to keep them motivated, in good shape, and also to spoil them from time to time, letting them feel a few minutes of La Dolce Vita so they can be ready to start working on their next papers.


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