The lab in photos: Bay Area Pop Gen

The lab at the BAPGV

Part of the radicalized youth and other members of the lab “occupy” the Bay Area Population Genomics V conference. In this occasion, the meeting took place at Stanford and was pleasantly organized by Dmitri Petrov.


In general terms the meeting was very nice: with attendants from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCSF, SFSU, and Stanford, with interesting talks, good breakfast, nice lunch… but (and this is a very important but), the room temperature was very chilly -a good strategy if you want to keep the audience awake-

Poster session

There was also a space dedicated to poster presentations. In the photo you can see Joshua Schraiber asking random questions to Benjamin Peter (the guy with the backpack and main author of the poster)

Taking notes

Being a prospective graduate student in the lab, it’s not a bad idea to have good transcription skills, especially if you plan on taking notes and write down some ideas for your future PhD project.


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