Non-academic careers

In case you’re interested in non-academic jobs, below is an announcement forwarded to the lab that might help you find a position.

Insight Data Science Fellows Program

Applications now open for 2013

Silicon Valley technology companies are hiring data scientists to help them glean insights from the terabytes of data that they collect everyday. The Insight Data Science Fellows Program is a postdoctoral training fellowship designed to bridge the gap between academia and a career in data science.

Insight highlights:

– 6 week fellowship in Palo Alto, CA includes tuition scholarship and a $5,000 living expense reimbursement.

– 100% placement rate for Insight Fellows who completed job search in 2012.

– Insight Fellows are now data scientists at LinkedIn, Facebook, Google,Twitter, Square, Microsoft, and other top tech companies.

For more information and to apply for the January, June and August 2013 sessions, please visit:

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