This page contains random bits of press coverage of our research

The Inuit adaptation paper:

New York TimesNational Public Radio | Science

Adaptive introgression from Denisovans into Tibetans:

San Francisco Chronicle | The Economist | BBC News | National Public radio | LA Times

Polar bears:

The Huffington Post | NBC News | Nature | Discover Magazine

Some more coverage of Melissa Wilson Sayres’ Y chromosome work after it came out in PLoS Genetics:

Business Standard Huffington Post | Guardian |

Rori Rohlfs’ work on identification rates in familial searching got some press:

LA Times | LiveScience | PS Magazine

Emilia Huerta-Sanchez and Michael DeGiorgio’s work on high altitude adaptation was highlighted:

NY Times | LA Times

Melissa Wilson Sayres’ research, presented as a talk at ASHG2012 was written about, and picked up by the press. Here is some of the coverages:

NBC News | CBS News

Matteo Fumagalli’s paper on local human adaptation was the subject of a couple of news stories.  Here are the articles from:

Nature Magazine I | Nature Magazine II Nature review Genetics

The  first Aboriginal Australian genome:

SF ChronicleYahoo NewsThe Atlantic

Our work with BGI on adaptation in Tibetans caught the eye of the press. Here are a few links:

USA Today | San Francisco Chronicle | LA Times

We provided just a small contribution to the sequencing of the Neanderthal genome, but here is a link to that story:

Interview with Ed Green on NPR

On the sequencing of the first Asian genome with BGI:

Contra Costa Times

Our comparison of humans and Chimpanzees produced a number of somewhat odd press stories. Here are a couple of the ones we could find which are still on the web:

NewScientist | Science daily